Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Speciality acts required

We've spent a couple of highly entertaining days in a cottage in Wales going through notes, books and music in preparation for auditions in October. One thing that has become evident is that we'd dearly love to include at least a couple of 'speciality acts' - besides all our singers or monologue performers, any of the skills below would be very useful:

Magic / illusions

For example, Albert Rebla (it's a palindrome) can be found demonstrating his skill here:

We'll continue to source ideas for songs and monologues, well known and completely obscure, so obviously you don't need to have one of these more unusual skills to take part; but if you can do any of these things, don't hide your light under a bushel!

We don't think we're likely to include Zampi the one-legged gymnast or The Baldwin Cat - Renowned Parachutist (both genuine acts at the Argyle Music Hall, Birkenhead, in the 1880s); but at the Barn, anything could happen...

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