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We're Cassie & Selwyn Tillett. We have been enthusiastic supporters of the Sewell Barn Theatre since shortly after our arrival in Norfolk in 2005. Cassie has performed in several shows there (Who's Afraid of Virginia WoolfCome Back to the Five & Dime Jimmy DeanNoises Off and The Merry Wives of Windsor), and together they directed The Shakespeare Revue.

As well as our enthusiasm for 'plays' in the more conventional sense, we have been keen to share our experience, and love, of the worlds of music, variety and entertainment. Selwyn is an accompanist with forty years' experience who has worked with many amateur, professional and semi-professional singers, covering every style from opera and operetta, burlesque to variety, musical comedy to lieder and much more. Our work during our days in South London with Chimes Musical Theatre, and latterly in Norfolk with Vocal Score, has been our greatest joy: concerts crafted to a high standard for the benefit of local charities and good causes. The creation of entire lives and stories within one brief snapshot, lasting no more than a few minutes, whether spoken or sung, is a highly valuable and often neglected skill.

We've been delighted to provide two workshops on these themes at the Barn, encouraging participants to explore the use of music (even if they insist that they can't sing), and the use of music as a legitimate dramatic tool; and the understanding of the efficient and powerful character shorthand that was used by the artistes that were so famous during the wonderful ages of the Music Hall in all its forms.

As such, we are thrilled to have been invited to create a show as a 'bonus' in the Barn's 2013-14 season. Click here to check out the details, and for an idea of the sort of thing we have in mind.