We've used many sources of information to create this show. Many are, of course, our own personal records, from Selwyn's family (who provided the inspiration for the whole concept); but both online and in book form, we've found many more.

Here are a few you may wish to investigate.

My Old Man by John Major (yes, that John Major). A superb, well-written volume, in tribute to his own father (who was on the halls), with fascinating insights into the world of music hall, and information and images about people we'd never heard of - and we know quite a bit about the subject!

Fern Riddell writes for The Victorianist website: A Brief History of the Music Halls (or, Why Do The Middle Classes Have to Ruin Everything?)

Wikipedia is, as usual, an excellent starting point.

Of course, don't forget The British Music Hall Society.

Photographs of the Norwich Hippodrome, the image used on the 'authentic' programme, and the photograph of Frederick Fitt, are used with kind permission of Norfolk County Council Library & Information Service.

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