Monday, 24 June 2013

Thinking ahead

Welcome to the blog for Down Among the Wines & Spirits: a Music Hall entertainment to be performed in March 2014 at the Sewell Barn Theatre. We've created this blog to provide a useful central source of information: first for those who'd like to take part, and later for our audiences.

Click on the various links above to find out more about us, why we're doing this, the background to the show, the way we'd like it to develop, and how you can be involved.

The first and most important date for your diary is Monday 28th October 2013: our audition date. This may seem early for a show taking place in March, but bear in mind that (as explained elsewhere) this show will be created around the people who take part in it! So during November, we'll take away the skills, personalities and ideas of those who will join us, and write the show around what - and who - we've got. We'll meet up as soon as possible after the auditions to throw some ideas around; you'll get your music in early December; and rehearsals will begin in mid January.

The idea is that we will be casting people to play characters appropriate to the era; but until we know whether we actually have Gus Elen or Albert Chevalier, Lily Morris or Vesta Tilley, Dan Leno or Little Titch, we won't know which numbers - spoken or sung - will be featured; and how it will all fit together.

So please have a good look through the thoughts, suggestions and ideas here; do shout if you are unsure of anything; and it's very important that you do let us know that you're going to audition and that you bring your audition music with you.

More updates will follow in due course, so watch this space.